Who am I?

I’m Abby Christine Rime, Bethel University student, Christ-follower, truth-seeker, foodie, music connoisseur, proud dictator of taste, politics junkie, book-worm, fashion addict, lover of obscure references, avid art journal-er and amateur writer. Now apparently a blogger, but overall, just an eager student of life. Just grasping for knowledge and understanding while trying to connect to the world around me. I love trying to connect to the things; people, words, thoughts, ideas, moments, all that life has to offer. I’m just trying to make my mark on the world. Below is me.


Below is my family, my friends, the people who have been along my journey for the last 19 years. The ones who have watched me get to where I am or have recently joined me on my journey, care to join them?

My Family. 


 My oldest and dearest friends.

Friends (HS).jpg

My Youth In Government family. 


 My college friends.

Friends (College).jpg

To go back to my posts, click on the title “Goodbye Minnesota, Hello European Adventure.” It will redirect you back to my posts.


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