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Florence: The Land of Leather, Art & The Medici’s.

Florence, Italy known throughout history as a central point for trade and finance, during the medieval times it was one of the wealthiest cities. It is the birthplace of the Renaissance also known as the rebirth, of culture, most importantly art, modern thought, etc. Florence is also known for being the home of the Medici family, who I have become a little obsessed with after going to Florence.

Background on the Medici’s: “The Medici’s were a political dynasty and banking family and later royal house that first began to gather prominence under Cosimo de’ Medici in the Republic of Florence during the late 14th century. The family originated in the Mugello region of the Tuscan countryside, gradually rising until they were able to fund the Medici Bank. The bank was the largest in Europe during the 15th century, seeing the Medici gain political power in Florence— though officially they remained citizens rather than monarchs. They even produced four Popes.”

So, the Medici’s basically ruled and owned Florence, they became so prominent by employing what the mafia now uses today… They basically invented the “I’ll do this for you now, but… You’ll then owe me later.” deal. It sure worked for them. The Medici’s are intertwined with a lot of the things I saw in Florence, so here goes nothing:

THE MONEY WALL. Not sure why some random artist did this but he did… Someone from my group told me this is where Mona Lisa was buried… Not so sure that’s true.

Florence, Italy 002

My first night in Florence, a group of us went wandering the city and then to dinner. We found the Duomo of Florence:

Florence, Italy 009

Of course we found shops… and CHRISTMAS LIGHTS:

Florence, Italy 013

And the replica of Michelangelo’s statue David.

Florence, Italy 033

And the river Arno…

Florence, Italy 045

The beauty of the River Arno at dusk:

Florence, Italy 063

Awesome street artist:

Florence, Italy 066

We had dinner at a restaurant called Za Za, a member of my group Ben had met up with his fiancee and her siblings during free travel in Italy and they spent time in Florence and had attended this restaurant then so he brought some of the group there:

Florence, Italy 076

I couldn’t resist the ravioli.. I never can:

Florence, Italy 077

We had planned tours for the whole time we were in Florence, the first was just a city walking tour and our guide was an awesome storyteller who brought us through churches, and piazza’s and historical venues such as these:

Florence, Italy 108

Florence, Italy 138

Came back to the Duomo:

Florence, Italy 173

Florence, Italy 182

Went inside this time:

Florence, Italy 187

I loved the floors:

Florence, Italy 194

Had the best tortellini with ham of my life…

Florence, Italy 230

The other tours we did included the Ufizzi Gallery where we  had a guide take us through and show us works by Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Raphael, Da Vinci and many more notable artists. I had an amazing time in Florence, I truly loved it. I would definitely go back there someday! Anyways,  after Florence my group headed to where we are now, ROME. I come home in 4 days! Chances are I won’t post about Rome until I get home. Thank you all for reading these. Blessings, Abby.