This is a day by day itinerary, it begins with date, where I will be that day and what I will be doing.

28-Aug Wednesday – Depart USA
29-Aug Thursday Vienna – Arrive/Sleep
30-Aug Friday Vienna – Explore Vienna
31-Aug Saturday Bratislava – Navigating train systems
1-Sep Sunday Vienna – Viennese Church Experience
2-Sep Monday  University of Vienna – Language school
3-Sep Tuesday University of Vienna- Language school
4-Sep Wednesday University of Vienna – Language school
5-Sep Thursday University of Vienna – Language school
6-Sep Friday University of Vienna – Language school
7-Sep Saturday Free Weekend
8-Sep Sunday Free Weekend
9-Sep Monday University of Vienna – Language school
10-Sep Tuesday University of Vienna – Language school
11-Sep Wednesday University of Vienna – Language school
12-Sep Thursday University of Vienna – Language school
13-Sep Friday University of Vienna – Language school
14-Sep Saturday Budapest Excursion
15-Sep Sunday Budapest Excursion
16-Sep Monday University of Vienna – Language school
17-Sep Tuesday University of Vienna – Language school
18-Sep Wednesday University of Vienna – Language school
19-Sep Thursday University of Vienna – Language school
20-Sep Friday University of Vienna – Language school
21-Sep Saturday Vienna  – Free/pack
22-Sep Sunday Travel to Czech Republic  – Travel to Cesky Krumlov
23-Sep Monday Czech Republic  – Historical tour of Cesky Krumlov
24-Sep Tuesday Czech Republic – Travel to Prague/historical village
25-Sep Wednesday Czech Republic – Prague walking tour
26-Sep Thursday Czech Republic – Prague TV station
27-Sep Friday Czech Republic – Visit PR Firm/dinner boat
28-Sep Saturday To Poland – Travel to Krakow
29-Sep Sunday Poland – Explore
30-Sep Monday Poland – Auschwitz/H2o
1-Oct Tuesday Poland – Teach English classes
2-Oct Wednesday Poland – Teach English classes
3-Oct Thursday Poland – Teach English classes
4-Oct Friday Poland – Homestay
5-Oct Saturday Poland – Homestay
6-Oct Sunday Poland – Church/Host family time
7-Oct Monday Poland – Hidden church
8-Oct Tuesday Poland – H2o Bethel day
9-Oct Wednesday Poland – H2o Activity
10-Oct Thursday Travel to Vienna – Travel/re-pack, Stay at Hotel Donauwalzer
11-Oct Friday Free Travel – No Class (Travel to Amsterdam with Brittany)
12-Oct Saturday Free Travel (In Amsterdam, Anne Frank Annex)
13-Oct Sunday Free Travel – (In Amsterdam, Leave for London)
14-Oct Monday Free Travel – (In London)
15-Oct Tuesday Free Travel – (In London)
16-Oct Wednesday Free Travel – (Travel to Dublin)
17-Oct Thursday Free Travel – (In Dublin)
18-Oct Friday Free Travel – (In Dublin)
19-Oct Saturday Free Travel – (Travel back to Vienna)
20-Oct Sunday Arr. Vienna – Free travel stories
21-Oct Monday Vienna to Millstatt – Retrieve luggage
22-Oct Tuesday Millstatt – Intro to Schloss/Millstatt
23-Oct Wednesday Millstatt – Day trip
24-Oct Thursday Millstatt – Group Class
25-Oct Friday Millstatt – Professor Ripley arrives at Schloss
26-Oct Saturday Millstatt – Austrian National Holiday
27-Oct Sunday Millstatt – Church w/Schloss staff
28-Oct Monday Millstatt – Class
29-Oct Tuesday Millstatt – Class
30-Oct Wednesday Millstatt – Class
31-Oct Thursday Millstatt – Class
1-Nov Friday Millstatt-  Optional Salzburg Excursion
2-Nov Saturday Millstatt – Salzburg Excursion
3-Nov Sunday Millstatt – Back to Millstatt
4-Nov Monday Millstatt – Class
5-Nov Tuesday Millstatt – Class
6-Nov Wednesday Millstatt – Class
7-Nov Thursday Millstatt – Class
8-Nov Friday Millstatt to Lovran – Travel to Croatia
9-Nov Saturday Lovran – Explore Istrian Peninsula
10-Nov Sunday Lovran – Free
11-Nov Monday Lovran – Class
12-Nov Tuesday Lovran – Class
13-Nov Wednesday Lovran – Class
14-Nov Thursday Lovran – Class
15-Nov Friday Lovran – Free
16-Nov Saturday Lovran – Free
17-Nov Sunday Lovran – Free
18-Nov Monday Lovran – Class
19-Nov Tuesday Lovran – Travel to Venice
20-Nov Wednesday Venice – Contrast Italian/Germanic culture
21-Nov Thursday Venice – Class/Assignments
22-Nov Friday Milan – Depart for Milano, Duomo tour
23-Nov Saturday To Paris – Travel to Paris, Notre Dame tour/concert
24-Nov Sunday Paris – Artists quarter, Eiffel Tower
25-Nov Monday Paris – Louvre Museum
26-Nov Tuesday Paris – Explore on your own
27-Nov Wednesday To Geneva – Travel to Geneva, explore old town
28-Nov Thursday – Geneva – IOM, Reformation Museum
29-Nov Friday Geneva – UNHCR, UNOG
30-Nov Saturday Zermatt – Skiing the Matterhorn
1-Dec Sunday Zermatt – Skiing
2-Dec Monday Florence – Travel to Florence
3-Dec Tuesday Florence – Duomo tour, Michelangelo’s David
4-Dec Wednesday Florence – Walking Art tour
5-Dec Thursday Florence/Rome – Depart for Rome
6-Dec Friday Rome – Walking Art Tour/Coliseum/Forum
7-Dec Saturday Rome – Vatican Tour/St. Peter’s
8-Dec Sunday Rome – Church at the Vatican
9-Dec Monday Rome – Debrief experience/Day Trip South?
10-Dec Tuesday Rome – Prepare for Re-entry
11-Dec Wednesday – Rome/Come home

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