Contact Me

While in Europe, I will not have the same access to communication that I have in the United States. I will have WiFi but I will not have my cell phone, so I will not be able to talk on the phone or text as I did before. I have an iPad so I will keep up with my twitter, instagram, snapchat and facebook as well as of course this blog which I plan to update religiously every Monday.

Twitter: @AbbyRime

Instagram: abbyrime

Snapchat: abbyrime

Vine: Abby Rime

Facebook: Abby Christine Rime

Skype: abby_rime

And you can subscribe to this blog by clicking the follow button in the bottom right corner of this page and entering your e-mail address. You will then receive an e-mail notification whenever I publish a new post.

Also, the group I am going on this trip with has a collective blog that we will all be contributing to throughout the trip. Whenever I add to that I will make a reference to that on this blog as well but if you ever just want to see what the group as a whole is up to instead of just me, the link is

Thank you for coming on this journey with me!  Stay in contact 🙂


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