When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do.

So, here I go, the beginning of the end;  the final blog post. This will be about my last week in Europe which I spent in Rome. When my group arrived in Rome by train we were confronted with something we hadn’t dealt with since the first three weeks, months before, in Vienna. This was, that our group of 25 would be split between three buildings again. Not since we had been in our dorms in Vienna had this happened, we hadn’t been apart except for free travel and we had been sleeping in very close quarters for the majority of the time… we all had a turn being roommates with everyone (obviously girls with girls, boys with boys.) So, we were pretty used to being together all the time. Things had officially come full circle.

But, life abroad carries on at a very fast pace and we had tours to attend. So, we went to our respective “hotels” (they were like holiday apartment type places, apartments in apartment buildings but run by the same woman.) That night we had group dinner right outside of the Pantheon… like what? not real life. The next morning, we headed off to a tour of the old ruins of Rome.

First stop, the Colosseum. Here’s a photo of Alyssa, Brittany and I.

Rome 007

The Colosseum.

Rome 040

We also headed over to the Roman forum, and then the Trevi Fountain

Rome 315

Threw a coin in and made a wish! As you can see Brooke did too…

Rome 320

Ate a lot of carbonara…

Rome 339

Visited the Vatican Museum.

Rome 463

Every inch was beautiful, every room, ceiling, wall, decorated.

Rome 507

Rome 514

Then we headed over to St. Peter’s Basilica.

Rome 556

Rome 574

Rome 591

Ate out a lot, lots of pasta. Here’s a picture from one of the nights at dinner. Jay, Michael and Tyler.

Roma 012

More carbonara.

Roma 013

Our group went to the Rome vs. Florence soccer game which was the coolest thing ever.

Roma 024

Alyssa and I at the game.

Roma 036

The stadium was beautiful and the weather was like in the 50’s, it was glorious. Sun shining!

Roma 050

Roma 052

Roma 073

Rome scored… As you can see by Jay’s excitement.

Roma 082


Roma 110

So of course, we bought some gear to represent.


Then, Brooke, Cat and I went to a flea market we found.

Roma 116

Love these places.

Roma 121

So much cool stuff.

Roma 123

Roma 125

The family that owned this stand was so nice, they kept dressing me up in clothes and teaching me cheers that they cheer at the Rome soccer games because they saw that I bought a shirt.

Roma 126

The next day, our whole group took a train to Pompeii. The town that is near Mount Vesuvius that was engulfed by ash and pumice killing the citizens.

Roma 142

Kassie, Alyssa, Brittany and I at Pompeii.

Roma 185

Trying to have fun.

Roma 190

These stray dogs that live here kept following us around…

Roma 205

So, after all of the fun… the packing commenced and boy was it stressful.

Roma 211

It drove us nuts.

Roma 213

Luckily, I was in the building with all of the boys on the trip. It was only the seven boys split between two rooms and then Brooke, Laura and I in another room and Kassie and Beth in another. This means, the boys had LOTS of room for us to put some of our stuff in their suitcases. I took full advantage of that. It was too nice of them.

Anyways, I’ve been home for weeks now but I have just been relaxing and unpacking, celebrating the holidays with my family, seeing friends, etc. So this will be my last blog post I suppose. Thank you all so much for reading and taking the time to follow my journey! It was life changing and I would do it all over again if I could.

So,  Goodbye, Do widzenia, Au revoir, Arrivederci, Auf Wiedersehen, Ciao. Thank you all.


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