24 Hours In Milan.

My 24 hours in Milan.

Hour 1: When I first found out that my group would be leaving Venice for Milan for one night I was not happy… Yes, it is the fashion capital of basically the world but travel days in Europe are my worst days. Nonetheless, we piled on trains in Venice and headed to Milan. The train ride was uneventful and rather boring as they all seem to be and we all arrived in Milan on time. Once we got to Milan we had to drag our bags to the hotel which was not a fun 45 minutes. When we arrived at our hotel…

Hour 2: We walked in to find what seemed to be a pretty nice hotel until we were given our room keys. My roommates in Milan, Sarah and Layne and I followed the hotel receptionist to our room.. On this journey to our room we went outside, crossed an alley went up 4 flights of stairs past apartments and into our room… Which had to two lamps as lights and no heat. Keep in mind, Italy isn’t warm this time of year, especially not in Milan. So, we tried our best to settle in and get comfortable and then we got ready to do the only planned thing we had for Milan… A visit to the Duomo.

Hour 3 & 4: Spent these lovely hours at the Duomo which you can see below. The Duomo of Milan is a cathedral, the 4th largest in the world and it is overwhelming. We got to go on to its roof!!

Me on the roof of a cathedral that took 6 Centuries to complete.

Milan 053

It is the most beautiful thing to be up there because you can see the mountains in the distance and the whole city from above.

Brooke and I!

Milan 052


Milan 041

Milan 040

Milan 039

Milan 038

Hour 5: Then, after wandering inside the Duomo and roaming the roof we all went in search of dinner. I went with two guys on the trip, Michael and Tyler and my professor Ripley. We wandered past the stores and shops of Milan that don almost all designer labels… There truly is a Prada on every street corner and I heard one girl say as I passed her “It’s like Dolce and Gabbana own Milan.” their stores are EVERYWHERE. So, we window shopped and searched for food. The boys asked me a lot of questions about what any of these brands were and I did my best with my vast catalog of Vogue knowledge to explain to them.

Milan 068

Hour 6: So by this time it was almost 6:00 and we hadn’t really eaten so naturally we found a gelato place with the longest line we had ever seen for ice cream before and decided that was our best option, and boy was it ever! BEST GELATO I HAVE EVER HAD. I got dark chocolate and I never wanted it to end, the put chocolate in the cone and it is simply heavenly.

Milan 077

The boys really seemed to like it… As you can tell by the ice cream all over their faces.

Milan 079

Hour 7: We had about 2 hours before we had to be back at the hotel (Ripley, the guy in the  hat above, our professor wanted to have class at 8ish) So, Michael and Tyler decided to head back to the hotel early and get a nap in so Ripley and I wandered and window shopped. I am starting to realize more and more how unique this trip is that I am on, I was able to wander the shop filled streets of Milan with my professor! How cool is that! We even went into Tiffany’s the jewelry store and critiqued the jewelry together. Times like that are just priceless and I realize how blessed I am to be on this trip.

Crowded streets of Milan. We watched that street performer there for awhile as he played Hotel California.

Milan 087

Then, Ripley spotted the Starsky & Hutch car in some store so we went in and took pictures. It was a fun time!

Milan 086

Hour 8-9: Headed back to hotel and had class.


Hour 18: Ate breakfast.

Hour  19: Train station time.

Hour 20-24: TRAIN TO PARIS.

ARRIVED IN PARIS on Sunday and I have to say I am a little obsessed. I am leaving today to head to Geneva, Switzerland. I haven’t had Wi-Fi at all. The hotel in Milan didn’t have it and the Crowne Plaza in Paris charges for it so I haven’t been able to update this. I will hopefully write about Paris soon if my lodgings in Switzerland has Wi-Fi. More soon! Thanks for reading these.


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