Doing Venice Like A Venetian.

I present to you all; Venice, Italy.

I was lucky enough to spend 4 days in Venice. Wish I could have stayed longer! A little information first, if you didn’t know Venice is a city in northeastern Italy sited on a group of 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges, so that just means I got to take water taxi’s which was AWESOME.

Anyways, the first night my group arrived in Venice, we went to dinner together and roamed the city. While roaming the city we came across shop after shop filled with these beautiful intricate masks and let me tell you, there were shops for days! It was glorious.


We also stumbled upon outdoor food markets.


I was obsessed with these bushels of peppers.




Also something I was presented with when coming to Italy besides food and Venetian masks was designer stores… High end designer. I was in window shopping heaven.

DSC_8779 DSC_8781 DSC_8807 DSC_8834 DSC_8835 DSC_8838

I was also a little obsessed with the architecture and buildings in Venice… Partially because some of them were partially submerged in water.


Saint Mark’s Basilica.


So detailed and gorgeous.


St. Mark’s Square.


The canals are also INCREDIBLE.


And the flooding commences… Since my group was there the third week in November, we happened to be in Venice at their worst flooding time of the year. This means that every day we were there from 11:30-1 the tide would rise a few feet somewhat submerging the island.


But, the canals are so breathtaking, no one cares.


We all bought these cheap, touristy shoe cover moon boots anyways.


Gondola’s! I was lucky enough to ride one 🙂


Saint Mark’s Square and Basilica during the flooding/high tide.


Smile, touristy pic!


Ok, get out of the water now.


The architecture in Venice is all so unique and romantic.


The whole city is true romanticism at its finest.


Got to ride a Gondola with these beautiful ladies.


And this one 🙂


Our Gondola driver.


After our first full day, with the gondola and the shopping, etc… I witnessed these dogs waiting for their owners or window/shoe shopping?


I went to dinner with my professor Ripley and 5 other girls from my trip and we stumbled upon this really old street from 1601.


A very skinny street.


And I got a heaping plate of spaghetti because… I am in Italy.


The next day a small group of us went to Murano, the island by Venice that is dedicated to glass blowing.

Venice 014

It was unrealistically beautiful.

Venice 019

We went to the glass factory.

Venice 010

Venice 009

We watched a man make something out of glass…

 Venice 032

Venice 033

Then we went into a store where we met this cute man and he taught us how to write with a glass quill pen.. He also called Alyssa, Brittany and I bella and explained that he was calling us beautiful. He was a joyful man, singing, and enjoying life.

Venice 034

Venice 035

Venice 002

Glass flowers.

Venice 043

Venice 047

Then after Murano, we took a boat back to Venice and walked all around the Island. Stopping for food, shopping, etc… Alyssa found something she really liked.. hahaha

Venice 072

Then, we found a makeup store so Brittany and I helped Alyssa join the lipstick for life club.

Venice 083

And she looked GORGEOUS.

Venice 084

Then Brit, Alyssa and I went for dinner and of course again, I got pasta, sue me, I’m in Italy.

Venice 092

Anyways, thanks for reading these guys, I know they are mostly picture dominated but mostly because I don’t have time to write a lot. I’m heading to MILAN tomorrow! Thanks for reading these 🙂



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