Vienna: My Home For The Next 3 Weeks.

So, my last post detailed some of my homesickness, I wanted to check back in now with my new status. I am feeling wonderful. I know, it was only Sunday that I was feeling sad and today is Tuesday. Am I miraculously over it? No. Each day I wake up, I feel a little bit better. I am becoming connected to the people on my trip from my group and becoming more comfortable in Vienna. Austria is such a beautiful place and it is hard to stay sad here. Also they are the birthplace of Red Bull so I am in heaven. There is Red Bull everywhere… Like in every single store and I love it. I’ve had one almost every day with no shame.  As you can see by the picture below, I drink one with all of my meals. I have always been obsessed, but I may be even more now. This meal was what I had for lunch Monday after my German placement test which my whole group took at the University of Vienna because we are taking an intensive German course for three weeks. This is a mixed salad, which had potatoes in it and other random stuff and an egg salad on bread. It was awesome.

Europe 002I like posting pictures of my food because it is so different from what I am used to from home. I wouldn’t call myself a super picky eater but I like what I am used to and so this has been a roller coaster trying to find food I will like. I mentioned in my last post that I would post photos of my dorm room or “flat” as they call what my dorm is. Here they are:

So you walk in that door at the end of the hall and you will see…

Europe 023

A hallway and my kitchen! I have my own kitchen!

Europe 020

Then if you walk down the hall you will see the bathroom door on the left and this is what the bathroom looks like:

Europe 033

I bought a European curling iron and I love it!

Europe 034
Europe 031

Then if you continue down the hall you will see my bedroom part!

Europe 035

Europe 037

Europe 025

Europe 028

I love my room and having no roommates is quite nice because I have time to relax and unwind on my own. I went to a grocery store with some girls the other day and picked up some stuff. I have been eating this awesome granola chocolate cereal in yogurt for breakfast every day and it is awesome.

Europe 010

Also, I had to show you all the pizza I got last night because it was so incredible (as you can see by the can, I had a red bull with it) I went to this pizza place with some of the Bethel students from my group that live in a different building than myself. There are 11 in my building, 4 in another and 10 in the other. We all live in different parts of town and take trams, subways and buses to get to class at the University every day. Which is our intensive German course from 9:15am to 1pm. It’s really long… and hard because German is complicated. I was lucky enough to catch dinner with the people from the other dorms because I went with a boy from my group and dorm named Jay to help him set up WiFi in the two other dorms with routers. He needed a computer and since I was the only one who brought mine, I was the only option. I was happy to go though, it gave me a chance to see the other dorms and help them get WiFi and by help I really mean accompany Jay and carry my computer around. The University dorms do not have WiFi because each room has a port for an Ethernet cord but my group cannot hook up an Ethernet cord to our iPad’s so we had to figure out an alternative and luckily we did! I had an awesome opportunity though to hang with the people from the other dorms and find out my spirit animal which happens to be a wolf… How cool is that?! Here’s the pizza by the way… So amazing. 

Europe 008

Anyways, I have been feeling so great recently because I am building a routine which feels nice and getting to know everyone in my group especially in my dorm. I have also met some really nice international students! I met a girl named Francisca from Portugal who lives in my building and is also in my German class and we have become friends! She is wonderful and speaks perfect English.  Also, I have WiFi in my room, which is so rare and so amazing because I am a door down from my professor and her husband and they have it which is really convenient. I am beginning to become more appreciative of the culture around me. The Austrians definitely live differently than Americans but I am beginning to enjoy it. Although, it is going to take some getting used to, to pay to use the bathroom or carry your stuff home from the grocery store if you don’t bring a bag because they don’t provide bags and that everything is closed on Sundays. Also, they have a 10:00 pm quiet time all across Austria. It is a law that you must be quieter after 10 and so that is definitely new to me.  But I enjoy their public transportation systems and the way that they have specialty stores, like everything has its own store instead of superstores like Target and Wal-Mart. It is really interesting and very cool how many differences there are. I am beginning to adjust well finally and I can’t wait for the next three weeks.

This trip is definitely a roller-coaster of emotions but I am enjoying the ride as best as I can. I do appreciate communication from home though in the form of e-mails and snapchats, iMessages and facebook messages, or whatever else. They are a nice surprise whenever I have WiFi. So thank you all for that! You can find my contact information if you click on the Contact tab above this post! I miss you all and can’t wait to share more of my journey with you. Thank you for reading! I’ll be posting often because I don’t want to forget anything and I just love sharing. Thank you for caring! Until next time!



  1. ellie blaeser

    I love reading and learning about your journey. I’m glad your not as home sick, but I am sure they are missing you like crazy. Have fun be safe. Love you Ellie and Joe

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