4 Days In to my 3.5 Month Europe Term…

So, I have been here in Vienna, Austria for 4 days, almost 5 and I will be starting classes tomorrow (Monday). Let me recap the past few days for you…

Friday, I explored all day with Brittany and Alyssa. We saw the Hofburg Theater which is one of the most famous theaters in the German speaking world and was ordered to be built by Maria Theresa, the leader of the Austrian Empire. Her son, Franz Josef is the statue seated at the top. Here is a photo:
Europe 042
We then went to the Austrian Parliament. The large main statue is Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and intelligent activity:
Europe 066
Then at night, we went to a film festival:
Europe 152I ate dinner there which was this awesome thing, a pancake/waffle like crumble with sweet custard sauce. It was good:
Europe 168
Saturday, my group took a day trip to Bratislava which is in Slovakia. We walked around all day exploring the city. Here are some of my favorite shots I took of Bratislava:
Europe 560 Europe 546 Europe 525 Europe 378Europe 359
Elliot made a friend:
Europe 330Europe 338
This is the president of Slovakia’s house, no big deal:
Europe 348Europe 303
Layne, Brooke, Sarah and I in front of the city of Bratislava:
Europe 558
Classic tourist pic by myself:
Europe 465

This is Maria Theresa, who ruled the Austrian Empire. She was the only female ruler of the Habsburg dominions and the last of the House of Habsburg. She gave birth to 16 children, 13 survived to adulthood. while leading the Austrian Empire she was either pregnant or had just had a baby the entire time. She is the mother of Marie Antoinette and married her children off to other nations for political gain. She was a very strategic woman, who believed in free healthcare and requiring children to be in school for at least six years. I think she is so awesome and she is all over Austria and here is a statue of her in Bratislava, Slovakia:

Europe 322
Then, once we got back to Vienna, I went to dinner with my two friends Sarah and April. We wandered and found a French restaurant with a really nice waiter who spoke English and translated the menu for us. This was our meal:
Europe 578
Later that night there was a concert going on across from our hotel so I went for awhile:
Europe 581
Today, which is Sunday we moved into our dorms which belong to the University of Vienna. I will post pictures of that in my next post. I have my own flat, the nicest dorm room I have ever seen. My own kitchen, my own bathroom, etc. It’s really nice. I went out with some friends to the Schonbrunn palace which is where Maria Theresa and the Hapsburgs lived. Here are my favorite shots of that:
Europe 646Europe 688 Europe 741 Europe 774
These moving statues were out front. They were so cool, they paint themselves and act as statues:
Europe 590 This was my dinner tonight, crepes basically filled with Nutella, not complaining:
Europe 797
Overall, I have been feeling really homesick but only because I keep thinking of this trip in terms of how long until I see my family and loved ones which would upset any normal person but throw in the fact that I have the best family around and the homesickness intensifies. Also, finding WiFi is a rare occasion around here even at the dorms and so my communication is very limited. Not having access to a cellphone or the Internet is a real pain when trying to stay connected to home. I definitely have culture shock which is an actual phase to the traveling process resulting in sickness… I have been feeling a little under the weather but only because I’m slightly upset about being 1000’s of miles away from home.
During the days I do the coolest things and I’m excited about them but then I come back to go to bed and it sinks in that I can’t contact home and that I’m nowhere near it. That’s the hardest part, knowing I can’t go home. That I’m trapped here… But I’m trying my best to get out of this slump and get over this homesickness. I take a placement test at the University of Vienna tomorrow for German meaning I will be placed in the beginners class like most of the people on my trip. I’ll have that from 9-1 everyday and then Bethel class with my professor Monday and Wednesday at 2:30. In three weeks, we will be leaving Vienna and traveling again. Post again very soon! Miss y’all.

One comment

  1. Kathy

    Abby, sweetie pie!!! my advice for you is to now dwell on “home” remember that this is a trip of a lifetime and how blessed you are to have this experience. Put your self totally into it and you will be fine. You know that “home” will always be here and ready and waiting for your return. God gave you this moment to fulfill your life. Trust in Him. Love you, Kathy Lesicka

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