Goodbye, Minnesota!

2 Days

Since this is my last post before I begin posting from Europe, It is time for me to say goodbye. Goodbye to all of my family and friends, to the places and surroundings I’ve come to know and love so much. I’m saying goodbye to all of the things that make home what it is. That means, my dads cooking and jokes, my moms hugs and conversation,  my sisters and brother in-laws constant joking and Mika, the sassiest dog alive. I understand that I would have been saying goodbye to the home I grew up in anyways considering I’d be going back to school to live on campus but the thing that truly makes home what it is, is the family that inhabits it. My family is insanely fun, abounding with unconditional love and support for each other and very close. I can’t explain how much I will miss them.

I’ve already said goodbye to a few friends and it hasn’t been easy, there’s been hugs and words of advice said through tears. Almost always tears.  But, as I say these goodbyes it isn’t feeling real yet. I don’t know when it will, I don’t know when I will stop seeing this trip as a beautiful thought instead of as the amazing reality that it is. I think i’m finding more solace in it then fear or trepidation because I want this trip so bad.

So, in all honesty, I haven’t even started to tackle packing for real. I have a large pile of clothes sprawled out on the pool table outside my bedroom but every time I look at it I quickly turn away because it is beyond overwhelming. Now, I must confront the overwhelming pile. Since today is Monday and I leave Wednesday I thought it would be a good idea to start packing… Ugh.  Wish me luck.

Although I haven’t packed yet, I have picked out some of my absolute favorite things that I consider to be essential for my carry on.

Here they are:

The Outakes Of Summer 038

I’m finding solace in this verse below that I pulled from a daily verse box. I feel like it really applies to my upcoming trip and will be an awesome reminder when I feel alone or I am plagued by some homesickness.

The Outakes Of Summer 061

So, my flight leaves at 7:25 pm Wednesday and my group (25 other Bethel students, My professor and her husband) fly into Amsterdam for an hour layover then it’s off to Vienna to start off our adventure. I’ll be posting next Monday from Vienna! Ahhhhh Until then,



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