Life Is So Gifable; 9 Days Till EUROPE.

So in 9 days, I will be on an airplane on my way to Europe. I have been going through a lot of emotions through the past few weeks and I’m sure I’ll have many more to come that I can’t quite comprehend right now. I don’t think I can accurately describe how I feel with words… So, when words fail, GIF’s come in. A GIF is a form of computer image that moves as an animation, because it consists of frames, like a movie with no sound. I used them below to try to explain how I’m feeling and what I’ve been thinking throughout my last days here in the US. This post is much different from the last two so I hope it’s a good different! Enjoy

Obviously I am excited… How could I not be? I’M GOING TO EUROPE!

Excited Brooke Excited Jonah Hill

Like uncontrollable, pure joy. I'm going to Europe ahhh



Then there’s how I feel when people ask me if I am excited…


Then I think about packing… and all the stuff I want to bring and I realize

Abby Lee Miller It's Not Gonna Happen

Then I think…. I can do this

Bring It On

Then I start packing and I’m like…


  Which leads to this…

How I feel about packing

And this…

How I feel about packing1

When I remember I can’t bring my curling iron or heels…

So Not Ideal

Then I realize… I don’t need them and i’m like..

Teresa Eye Roll

When my dad makes jokes about not missing me… When in reality, he would totally try to pull a Liam Neeson in Taken if anything happened to me while abroad.


When I think about the toilet and some hygiene situations in Europe… I’m like

No Vicki

How I feel about saying goodbye to my family and friends…

Thanksgiving Alone


But overall, I just feel like this…

Is Anything Real

And in all honesty, it still doesn’t feel real. I still can’t wrap my head around the idea that in 9 days I will be on an airplane on my way to Europe. I don’t think it will hit me until I get on the plane and hug my parents goodbye. I’ve spent a lot of time preparing for this trip and I know I still have things to do before I go but whether I’m fully ready or not, this trip is quickly approaching and I have to be as ready as I can be. I’m spending these last days in the U.S. doing as much last-minute prep as I can and spending quality time with the people I love which includes a girls weekend at my cabin that I’m super excited about.  Overall, I just have a million last-minute things to do that would overwhelm even the most organized person but I’m taking this opportunity to create a massive to do list and tackle each thing and on top of that, I’m working this week as a nanny so it will be nice to have the extra money especially for Europe but that will take up a lot of time as well.

I hope these GIF’s conveyed a fraction of how I’m feeling! I know I’m still not sure how I feel sometimes when I think about the trip but I think that’s normal at this point with all the emotions I’m experiencing. My next post will be the Monday before I leave, since I leave Wednesday the 28th.  That post will most definitely include packing drama, plane essentials, stuff like that! So, until next Monday! Thank you for reading! 9 days left in the US!



  1. Ellie Blaeser

    You will do wonderful, it will all come together and you will be home in no time. But I miss you already!!! ((((HUG)))) Love you Ellie

  2. Michelle Drabek

    L.O.L. The gifs were perfect ways to express your feelings. Hoping and praying you have the best time of your life girl!

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